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8. Vacancies can really eat the heart out of your profits. Two of the most important factors in minimizing vacancies are having a long residency for your current tenant and keeping a short turnover time between tenants.

6. Property owners often ask us if they really need a carbon monoxide in their Boise area single family home. The answer is: yes and no.

12. Many landlords don’t want to paint, put down new carpet or make major repairs until their properties are vacant. Today, we are looking at some pros and cons so you can decide what’s right for you and your situation.

4. Where you advertise and what you put into your listing can make days or even weeks worth of difference in your turnover time. That’s the time you go without rent. The content of your listing could waste a lot of your time answering questions for unqualified people, or it can drive away the people you want to attract.

10. One question we often get from property owners is whether they should sell or rent their property. My first response is usually to ask how long they want the home to remain tied up...

1. It is summer in the greater Boise area and this past weekend was especially hot. It was about 112 degrees yesterday and it should be about 107 degrees tomorrow. This is a good time to talk about air conditioning.

7. Today we are discussing how Greater Boise Property Management measures what makes a tenant “right” for you and your property. 

2. Today, we are talking about evictions. The biggest and most important part of the process is the decision to evict. That might sound simple but it’s also a tricky part in the process because it gets everything started. 

5. Today we are talking about evictions in the Boise market. Evictions get a lot of attention because they’re very expensive. Sometimes it can cost you more to prevent an eviction than to pay for an eviction yourself. The key to avoiding evictions altogether is your selection criteria.

Greater Boise Property Managment

11. One of the most frequent questions we get is: what is the impact of pets on my Boise rental property? What should my pet policy be?

3. It’s true that tenants are responsible for any catastrophic damage that they cause. Let’s say there’s been a stove fire and there is $10,000 worth of damage. How do you know that your tenant can afford that? 

10. Today we are helping you decide when it’s time to think about firing your Boise area property manager. There are five specific things that tell you it’s time to move on and find another professional to work with so your property is protected and properly maintained.